Kitty Mulder was born in Semarang, on the island of Java in Indonesia. When she was six years old she moved with her parents to the Netherlands and went to school in the Hague. Soon her talents for creative activities showed.  She followed courses at the Open University of Arts in The Hague in modeling and sculpturing and finally chose painting, in particular watercolours.

In  the eighties she lived for a couple of years in Switzerland,she also followed some courses, and finally started teaching herself. She is now amongst the ten most talented watercolour-painters in Holland,and abroad. Kitty is a great admirer of the French impressionists, of
which Claude Monet is her favourite. Nature is her source of inspiration, she hardly ever uses a sketchbook, but works directly on paper with het brush or cottonwool. She has a personal style, which is unique, and which comes straight from the heart.

At an exhibition in Le Lavandou (Midi, France) an AFP-journalist wrote “Your paintings take us very gently from figurative to the wonderful world of impressionism”.  Kitty is often invited to show her beautiful paintings in galeries in Holland and abroad.




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